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About us
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VITAMIN-SHOP® is a dynamically expanding store chain operating on a franchise

basis and offering for sale dietary supplements and dietary food. The development of our chain is supported by a sophisticated development and marketing strategy. Consequently acting we have been able to build the most rapidly developing and substantial national chain in this branch as well as to contribute to the growing identification of our brand among customers.


The founder and owner of the brand VITAMIN-SHOP® is the company TREC

NUTRITION® which has dominated the majority of the Polish market in the segment of dietary food. The Company is a leading producer of the preparations which support exercise, regeneration after training and reduce fatty tissue as well as of vitamin preparations. Over the period of a few years the Company has won the trust of the majority of Polish sportsmen who consider the brand VITAMIN-SHOP® as an indispensable partner for training. Co-operating for several years with the best shops specializing in selling nutrients for sportsmen, the Company has gained the necessary experience which makes it possible to comprehensively and professionally produce a response to growing market requirements. 

 The best and most experienced specialists in producing and selling dietary supplements have worked on formulating the action plan and development strategy of the VITAMIN-SHOP® chain as well as on its brand image, work system and assortment building.

The layout and appearance of the shops of the VITAMIN-SHOP® chain have been created by the designers, artists and experts specializing in retail trade marketing. Therefore, our shops are visually attractive and gladly visited by customers. All these activities give us a guarantee of achieving commercial success.


 VITAMIN-SHOP® has in its offer the best supplements and dietary food of the

leading Polish and foreign producers as well as the supplements being exclusively produced and sold under the brand name VITAMIN-SHOP®. These are among others supporting products to reduce fatty tissue, to improve skin and hair condition and appearance, to improve memory and concentration, to increase life energy and stamina as well as multivitamin preparations etc. All this makes the offer of our shops unique.